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Leather and Lace Part 2

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  Cupping his free hand around one of my breasts, the other kept my head tilted back as he kissed down across my neck to the free breast.  Through the shirt I could feel his moistness making my nipple jump to attention with the feel of his teeth grabbing and giving a not so gentle tug.  A small moan of pleasure escaped my lips as the combined pain and excitement was almost too much for me to bear. 

Running my fingers through his hair until they touched the back of his neck, I tangled my fingers together making me almost like a noose around his neck.  His hand still massaging my one breast, his lips working away at the other, and his newly free hand running down my back, grabbing a handful of my ass, pulling me closer to him. 

He looked up into my eyes as he ran his breast hand down to meet the other hand on my ass, grabbing me, pulling me to him as he stood, my legs finding a comfortable spot around his waist.  We began walking down the hallway, never breaking eye contact with one another, passion exploding in our glances. 

Reaching the end of the hall, using my back, he pushed open a door, leading into a room filled with soft candlelight.  This room seemed vastly different from the room we just left.  The scent of incense hung heavy in the air, an enchanting fragrance.  The light reflected off the pale colors in the room.  The bed was magickal as the satin of the sheets danced with the flickering of the candles.

Allen set me on the bed as he descended to the floor between my feet.  “I want to honor you as the goddess you are,” he said as he held my hand.  He pressed his lips to the back of my hand, so soft were his lips, almost loving.  I was overwhelmed, never before had anyone wanted to worship me, most were just here for their own guilty pleasures.

He helped undress me, first my shirt, his hands sliding slowly up my sides, tickling my flesh, removing the shirt easily over my head.  There my breasts sat, exposed to his every touch.  He ran his fingers down my chest to touch each nipple, feeling it grow hard under his pressure.  Running his fingers farther down my stomach, touching the top of the shorts, he stood before me and helped me to my feet. 

Once standing he gently removed the remaining clothing, and before him I stood nude, every flaw noticeable to me in the dancing candlelight yet to him I was a goddess.  He looked at the round fullness of my breasts, the tightness of my stomach, and the soft wet mounds of my pussy.  He was in awe.  Never before had he seen such beauty and been able to feel it with his own touch.

I wanted to see all of him so I walked to him reaching my hands out ahead of me, grabbing the tie to his pants and giving it a tug, untying it with ease.  My fingers easily found the elastic in the band and made quick work removing his only piece of clothes.  Now before him on my knees, I looked up into his eyes, waiting for his approval.

Gently he grabbed my hair with one hand while offering to my mouth his cock.  At first I was a little apprehensive, as you see Allen was quite gifted with a rather large cock, the gods must have bestowed much love on this man as his manhood was not only long but had a large girth as well.  As the shock of his size wore off I eagerly took as much of him in my mouth as possible as my hands found the inches I couldn’t. 

As I began to bob and stroke his shaft, I could feel the large drops of pre-cum being sent forth into my mouth.  With ever bob and stroke I worked his cock farther and farther into my mouth until I had taken every inch.  I began to hum a little tune to accompany my work on his dick. 

His grip tightened on my hair as I felt him tighten up.  I knew it was only a matter of moments before his love juices would explode from the end of his manhood.  He gave me a couple rough pushes forward down his shaft and as his cock exploded he shoved me on as hard as he could, his juices coated my throat as the first wave passed. 

Before the second wave could erupt from him I pulled back a little, taking the second shot in my mouth.   I wanted to taste him, see how sweet his juices really are.  One of my hands stroked his ever increasing shaft as the other massaged his balls, helping to release all of his juices, leaving none behind.    

Once his juices stopped flowing, he looked down at me, one hand on his still rock hard cock and the other fondling his balls.  He grabbed my chin and my arm, helping me to stand.  He placed his lips gently to mine and then whispered to me, “I was to be the one honoring you, Goddess.” 

Allen wrapped his arms around my waist as he guided me to the bed, his lips finding mine and never parting.  As my ass touched the cold satin I gave a start.  He didn’t notice as he helped me onto the bed, the sheets sliding me easily to the center.

He sat on the edge of the bed glancing at the bedpost and then glancing at me.  Looking at the bedpost, I noticed a piece of black velvet tied there, dangling down towards the floor.  I reached for it, taking this soft piece of fabric in my hand.  Holding out my hand with the velvet draped across it, Allen held my hand for a moment before he took the cloth from my hand and wrapped it around my wrist.  The feel of the velvet against my skin made me shutter.  He tied a beautiful and delicate knot around my wrist.

Once he was done with the one side, he went to the other side of the bed, tying the same knot around my wrist.  I was able to move my wrist as the knot was neither too tight nor binding.  I knew he wanted me to feel safe with him as I could have easily undone the knot. 

With his knot work done, he went to the foot of the bed, kneeling on the very end of it, balancing there as a cat would.  I watched his outline dance, throwing shadows on all the walls.  My legs moved apart as if they had a mind of their own as a flicker of light illuminated his face.  He looked hungry, like a wolf on a hunt.  He moved forward, placing his face just inches from my pussy.

Taking a deep breath in, he smelled my juices which coated my snatch and glistened with every flicker of light.  A soft noise of approval escapes his lips as he parts them slightly, bringing them closer to my waiting pussy.  A rogue finger pushes between my lips only to emerge covered in my warm fluids.  He shoves this appendage between his parted lips only to tighten them around it as he sucks every last drop from his tester.

Being happy with my taste, he used his fingers to separate my lips farther, exposing my fully grown clit and inner lips to his mouth.  The glorious smell of my snatch drove him simply mad as he drove his tongue deep into my parted pussy.  Finding my clit he gave it a tickle with his tongue, dancing on the very spot as my clit twitched under his pressure.

My body responded to his tongue as if his manhood had touched it, my hips began pitching and rocking, slowly fucking his face as he nibbled on my clit.  I could feel myself cumming close to the edge as I grabbed the ties around my wrist, tightened my stomach muscles, and bringing my knees together around his head.  Oh the waves of passion as he continued to taunt my pussy with his tongues talent.  Even without air he worked on, pushing my thighs apart to gasp a quick breath before plunging back into this plush jungle. 

He continued on tickling, teasing, and tantalizing my pussy for hours, always knowing where he was needed at the right moments, never stopping, even as my juices covered his face.  He ate as a wolf on its helpless prey, devouring me whole only to kill me again swiftly.  

My moans grew louder with each climax becoming almost screams of ecstasy as he finally came up for air.  He grabbed a soft towel off the nightstand and cleansed away my fluids from his face.  He placed the towel back in the spot only to grab a glass of water from the bedside.  I was parched as he offered me a sip to moisten my mouth and throat but I stopped him before he put it to his lips.  He set the glass down and he lay down beside me. 

He ran his fingers gently over my flesh, sizzling with desire.  The sweat beads were illuminated by the now dimming candlelight.  Feeling his fingers on my body made me want him more than ever.  I was now craving his cock, wanting to feel him work his magick within me.  He brought his fingers to my face, nudging my chin up to his lips. 

I could still taste me on his lips and the taste of our two juices combined was better than the sweet nectar of the gods.  We drank of our love for a brief moment, a short time to catch our breaths before the next wave of passion overtook us, sending us crashing into one another.

Reaching up to the wrist farthest from him, Allen undid my ties that bound me, setting me free to run my fingers through his sweat soaked hair.  As he freed the other arm, I brought them together behind his neck as he ran his fingers gently over my hot flesh.  Stopping only briefly at my hip, running his hand to mid-thigh, hoisting it onto his side.

I could feel his rock hard manhood rise up between my thighs, the tip cumming to rest against my outer pussy.  Using his excellent control, he tapped it, knocking against my pussy door, begging to cum in.  Oh how I wanted to feel him push into me, surely bringing me the release I still needed to satisfy my own craving hunger.   

Tightening my leg around him, I used my body like an alligator, rolling him over on top of me, feeling his cock slide between my lips and deep within me.  Arching my back, I took my arms off him and put them against the bed, clawing at the sheets, grabbing a handful of satin in each hand.  He slowly slid back outward, giving me time to adjust to his size. 

Once my tight pussy loosened its grip on his manhood, he eagerly pumped his cock, coating him with my juices.  Moans escaped my mouth and I felt I needed to quiet myself to keep the neighbors from banging on the walls.  I took the pillow from under my head, using it to muffle the screams that escaped my mouth. 

He knew what he was doing as he changed pace, speeding and slowing to my ever changing demand.  I threw him off balance and flipped him over, never breaking contact with his cock.  Now I was in control as I rode him at my speed, feeling all of his manhood penetrate me.  How I loved the feel of him inside me.

As I rode him my breasts bounced in the candlelight.  He took his hands, setting them gently on my hips, wanting to feel me as I collided with him.  Soft moans were all that escaped through his parted lips as I brought him to near climax, slowing down, bringing him back from the edge.

He sat up, placing me in his lap as I continued riding him, his hands finding their way up my back gripping my shoulder blades, pulling me to him hard.  Our sweaty bodies touched, his chest hair tickling my nipples with every stroke of my pussy over his cock.  Nearing my own release, fingertip at the ready, waiting for the moment when they would be drawn across his skin. 

As my climax came upon us, I first gripped his back, digging the nails into his skin.  Then as I began to scream out with pleasure I ran them down his soft skin, drawing bloody lines as I went.  We collapsed onto the bed, me with exhaustion and him with pain.

I turned away from him, looking out at the ever lightening sky, and he moved to cuddle in on me.  I could feel he wasn’t done with me yet and this excited me to no end.  With his arm around my waist he whispered into my ear things that he still wanted to do to me. 

Penetrating me with his cock, feeling him enter my worn pussy, I cried out in pain with pleasure.  With no grand gestures we were to our knees, him riding me from behind, doggy style, his balls slapping my wet pussy lips with every collision.  My breasts made a clapping noise with every bouncing from behind as we continued onward to our finale. 

Allen leaned over my back, placing his mouth to my shoulder and let his razor sharp teeth make their mark on my flawless skin.  Feeling his teeth breaking my skin made me cum with excitement.  Riding him harder brought me close to climax again.  Suddenly he pulled his rock hard cock clear out of my pussy and without warning he turned me on my back, thrust his cock back into me and exploded.  His hot cum coating the inside of my pussy like a hose covers fire with water. 

Collapsing on top of me, our bodies lay in a wet heap in the middle of the wrinkled satin.  Allen rolled off me and lay beside me and I rolled over and leaned my head against his wet chest.  I could hear his heart beating fast as I ran my finger through the matted hair on his chest.  He ran his own fingers through my mop like tresses as he stared at the ceiling.

Laying there in each other’s arms we dozed off, the light in the room coming more from the outside then from the almost extinguished candlelight.  The only sounds were now from the birds chirping in the tree outside the window.  We slept in entwined within our reaches. 

I woke after only a few hours of sleep, Allen still sleeping soundly beside me.  Climbing out of bed, trying not to disturb Allen, I found the clothes he lent me and dressed before heading out into the hallway.  I wanted to do something for this man who had shown me the best night of my life I thought as I grabbed a quick shower. 

I tiptoed out into the kitchen, deciding I would make him some sort of breakfast.  Finding the things I would need I set to work making a meal fit for a god.  Looking around in the cabinets I found a serving tray and arranged those things I had prepared for him on it.  Carrying it carefully down the hallway to the bedroom where Allen was sleeping, I saw that he was no longer in bed.  I became frantic.  Had he left while I was cooking?  Where had he gone?

I noticed the bathroom door was closed and stood outside listening as I heard him singing in the shower.  He had an amazing singing voice, powerful yet elegant, hitting every note with perfect pitch.  The water shutting off drew me back to reality.  If I didn’t want to get caught in the hallway holding the tray I needed to act fast. 

Hurrying into the bedroom and setting the tray on the side of the bed closest to the door, I began stripping my clothes off as if there was a race to see who could get naked fastest.  I climbed back onto the bed on the side farthest from the door and lay down as if I never left, scooting the tray close to me so he would have room on his side of the bed.

Just as I had the tray in position on the bed the bathroom door opened and Allen stepped out into the hallway a towel wrapped around his waist, running his hands through his wet hair, rubbing it as if he held a towel.  He sniffed at the air, smelling the breakfast I made him and headed towards the kitchen.

Not seeing anyone there he headed back to the hallway.  Just as he reached the beginning of the hallway he saw me, naked, and the tray of food on his bed.  The towel fell from around his hips, grabbing it with one hand and flipping it into the hamper in the bathroom before hitting the doorway to his bedroom.

“I figured you left, I didn’t realize…” his voice trailed off as he pointed to the tray.  “Yeah, I made you breakfast, I hope you like it,” I said as he sat on the edge of the bed.  “It looks fabulous.  I think you made enough we can share though,” he said handing me the fork as he held the spoon in his other hand. 

We shared a wonderful breakfast, completely naked, as the sun rose high in the sky.  I couldn’t believe how fast the day was going.  Once we had finished breakfast, we lay there for a bit as we had when we finished, our bodies tangled, the sun shining onto every hill and valley in his flawless skin.  He smelled wonderful, his aroma driving me almost mad, making me want to climb on top of him and begin were we had finished earlier.

“Shoot, can you give me a ride back to the shop so I can get my motorcycle?  I can’t believe I almost forgot.  Sarah would have killed me.  I hope she isn’t worried about me.  I usually get there first thing in the morning,” he said as he sat up, dragging me up with him.  “Of course I can give you a ride,” I said, blushing a little, knowing that Sarah would know what happened last night and we wouldn’t have to say a word to her.

“Do you mind if we swing by my place so I can pick up some clean clothes?” I called to him from the kitchen.  “Yeah, I’d love to see your place anyway,” he called back.  I worked at cleaning up the mess from breakfast as he finished getting ready.

He emerged from down the hall, dressed in a dress shirt and nice pair of jeans, with a pair of black boots to complete the ensemble.  I looked like a slob next to him.  He carried in his arms my clothes, neatly folded.  “You ready,” he said flipping the keys to his motorcycle out of his pocket.  “Give me one second,” I said as I finished wiping down the counter. 

I rinsed out the towel, leaving it to dry over the faucet.  Looking for my keys and anything else I might have left in a rush, I gathered up all of my belongings as he held open the door for me.  Once we were through the door he turned and locked it.  Before I knew it we were going out the door and getting into my car heading to my place across town.   


Leather and Lace Pt. 1

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The overcast sky opens up, large drops pound onto the pavement.  Seeing a door, I enter, not knowing where I was headed.  A jingling bell alerts me to my new and different surroundings.  The smell was delightful, crisp paper; a slight hint of patchouli incense filled the air.  Crystals hung by strings from a display on the counter.  There were many antique cases filled with different books, statues, stones of varying sizes, shapes, and colors. 

“Can I help you find anything,” a delightful voice called from somewhere behind a rack of clothes.  “No thank you, I’m just looking,” I answer as a wonderful woman of middle age comes out from behind the tower of cotton and velvet.  “If you need anything, just ask,” and she disappears behind a case filled with books. 

Looking around I notice the dark brown glass bottles sitting on the counter.  Intrigued, I wonder over to it picking up one of the small containers.  Lavender and jasmine fragrance, two of my favorite scents mixed into one.  I open the bottle and lift it to under my nose.  The wonderful aroma entering my nostrils brings a smile to my face.  “That’s one of my favorites too.  Here smell this one,” the shopkeeper says as she opens a bottle, handing it to me, waiting for my approval.  “What is this?  It smells heavenly,” I hand her back the bottle and she recaps it, placing it in its exact spot in the display without looking at it.     

“You’ve never been in here before, have you,” she questions as she smiles.  “No, I’m sorry I haven’t.” I reply.  “Would you like me to show you around?  Give you a little sense as to what all we offer and answer any questions you might have,” she offered as the bell on the door jingled.  I turned to see a handsome young man standing before me.  He was tall, reaching well over 6 feet.  His hair, the color of a bar of chocolate, was cut short spiked and wet from the rain and he had a goatee which was trimmed short helping to give him that bad boy look.   He shook off the raindrops from his black leather jacket and ran his hands back and forth over his hair, attempting to shake off the droplets clinging to each spike.

He looked up, realizing he was being watched.  “Sorry, it’s pouring down out there.  I didn’t think I was going to make it here?  I thought it wasn’t supposed to rain until tomorrow.  Now I’m hoping it stops before I have to ride home,” he shivered as he removed his jacket and threw it over his arm.  “I’m just glad that you didn’t get hurt.  I bet you had a terrible ride in here on that motorcycle of yours,” she said her voice full of concern. 

“I’m sorry dear, where are my manners.  Here I am gabbing away and I didn’t introduce you.  Well maybe I should begin by introducing myself.  I’m Sarah, and this is my store.  This wonderful young man is Allen.  He doesn’t work here but he should, he knows almost as much if not more than I do about the items I carry here and you are?”  “I’m Leighla.” I say blushing, realizing that Allen was staring at me.  I bit my lip nervously as the bell on the door rang again.

“I’ve been waiting for her all morning.  I’m sorry dear but I can’t give you that tour I promised right now.  If you have any questions answered all you need to do is ask.  Allen, let me know if you need any help,” her voice trailing off as she went to help the new customer.

“Sorry, she gets like that sometimes.  You should consider yourself lucky, if she had given you that tour I don’t know that you would have gotten out of here before the store closes.  Leighla is it?  That is a beautiful name.  It fits, beautiful name for a beautiful soul,” he says looking deep into my eyes.  His eyes are a deep brown and his lashes frame them perfectly, long and curling up making his eyes appear as though he was trying to seduce me.  I mentally shake myself from his dreamy bedroom eyes back to the present.

“You know, if you want, I can give you the tour instead.  Like she said, I know this place better than she does.  Besides, I know quite a little bit about the subject matter also.  I could teach you a little about that as well, if you’re interested.  I don’t want to seem too pushy…”

“I’d like that very much,” I reply nibbling again.  I don’t know why he makes me so nervous.  He is very handsome but I’ve been around plenty of handsome men and none have affected me this way.  “I’ll be right back.  I’m gonna put down my jacket,” he says as he disappears behind the rack of clothing.  As he walked away I couldn’t help but notice how his jeans fit him as if they had been made just for him.  Every line sewn to highlight his moves, the fading in the right spots, and the  length stopping just short of the Harley Davidson emblem on the heel of his boot.  My heart began to pound and I could feel a sense of desire begin to well. 

“Sorry I took so long.  I’m glad I didn’t scare you off.  Are you ready to take that little tour?”  “Of course I am,” I say eagerly as you place your hand on the small of my back.  “Where to begin…hmmm I think we’ll start over here.”

We toured every inch of the store.  The time seemed to fly by.  He explained everything about the store.  He told me a little about the people who worked there, the products they carried, and what they were used for, and even gave me a little education about the reason customers shopped there.  I was sad our time was coming to an end and I sensed so was he.  The shopkeeper was busying herself with all the tasks of closing when she walked past us.

“You’re still here.  I thought you both left hours ago.  Do you have any idea what time it is?  I’m about to close up the shop.  Allen, I’m afraid I have bad news for you.  The storm hasn’t let up.  I don’t think you’ll be riding home on that motorcycle of yours.  Do you need to call for a ride?” she asked as she continued moving about the store. 

“If you need a ride I can give you one.  I don’t mind.  Besides it is the least I can do.  I owe you for the delightful tour,” I offered.  “No I’ll be fine, Sarah,” he called out to her.  “Would you like to park your motorcycle in the shed out back?  I can get the key.  I’ll meet you out there,” she said not really giving him a chance to argue.  He didn’t put up a fight.  He retrieved his coat from the back room and easily slid into it. 

“Sarah, are you ready?” he called out to her.  “Yes,” she called back as she emerged from the back room.  “I’m sorry I won’t have time for chit chat but I have a lot of work left to do.  It was nice meeting you Leighla.  I hope he did my store proud.” 

“He did a wonderful job Sarah.  You were right he should work here.  I will definitely come back here, again.”  He placed his hand on my back again causing me to blush. 

“Dear where is your coat?” she said as she rubbed my arm gently.  “I didn’t wear one today.  The weather wasn’t calling for it,” I answered.  “Here, wear mine,” he said slipping out of the jacket as easily as he has slipped into it. 

“I can’t.  You need it.  My car is only a block away.  Besides you’ll need it while you take your motorcycle back to the shed,” I say, pushing his jacket back at him.  He slides back into it agreeing that he will get sopping wet waiting.  “I’ll pick you up out front.”  “OK,” he replied bracing himself for the rain. 

“You both take care and I look forward to seeing you again.  Now get outta here,” she said as she held the door open for our quick escape.  After we were clear of the door she hurried it shut and locked it, turning the open sign to closed.

We parted ways, each running steadily to our destinations.  He reached his motorcycle and began pushing it down the path between the buildings that lead to the shed.  I reached my car, opened the door and threw myself into the driver’s seat, hurriedly closing the door.  I started the car and the usual dings and lights worked magic.  I turned on the windshield wipers to make it easier to see out.  I put the car into gear and drove the block to the front of the store as quickly as I could.  He had just walked out from between the buildings when I pulled up.  He opened the door and got in the same fashion I had just a few minutes earlier.

“Where to?” I asked attempting to get some direction for our drive together.  “If you don’t mind, I’m kind of hungry.  I bet you are too.  Would you mind if we go out to dinner before you take me home?”  “That sounds absolutely wonderful.  Where should we go?”  I question.  “I know this wonderful place, turn left,” he directed as he gave the directions to a quaint little diner not that far from the store.

We were surprised we were the only customers in the diner and we took a seat in an out of the way booth in the far corner of the diner.  The waitress took our drink order and left us alone again.  I rubbed my hands together and grabbed the menu.  Looking it over quickly we decided on our order and when the waitress returned with our drinks he placed the order.  This time when the waitress left I knew we would be alone for quite a while.

My hands were still cold from the rain and I rubbed them together in hopes it would warm them up.  “Here, let me hold them, my hands are warm,” he offered, one which I gladly accepted.

We sat there, hand in hand, looking into each other’s eyes, not a word spoken between us.  I could feel the desire in me well again as I became hypnotized with every flutter of his eyelashes.    

The waitress began setting our plates in front of us before we knew she was even there.  Intoxicated by each other’s eyes and the depth of feelings and emotions they contained, we failed to notice anything or anyone else in the diner.  We blushed as we picked up our silverware and began to eat our meal, this time having a conversation out loud, so the rest of the world could hear our thoughts.

Once the table had been cleared and the waitress brought us our checks, he grabbed them and reaching for his wallet said, “I’ve got this.  Besides you still have to drive me home, it’s the least I can do.”  I let him pay without argument, nice to finally meet a nice guy for a change.

Leaving the diner, the waitress locked the door behind us.  We walked for a short distance before we realized it had stopped raining.  We turned towards each other and he said as he grabbed my hands, “I don’t think she would let me have my bike back tonight.”  I agreed with him and we began walking again, hand in hand to my car.

It was a rather long drive to his apartment from the diner and we used that time to get to know one another even more than we already did.  He told me about his family and how he had moved all over the country after his parents had divorced when he was just a little kid.  Talked about his brother, whom he secretly admired, living in New York, trying to find his own version of the American dream.  I told him about my family and shared the deepest secrets I had never shared with anyone before.  How I had longed to be loved unconditionally and how my family was far away from me and rarely ever spoke to me unless they were upset about something I did.  How my brother has the perfect marriage, well that is how it appears to the outside world and how no matter what I was looked down upon because me relationships never worked out like that.

Before long we were pulling up to the block his building was in.  “Do you want to come up to my apartment?  At least for a nightcap?” he said as I looked down both sides of the street filled with parked cars.  There was no close parking so it was either accept his offer or just drop him off at the door.  I wasn’t ready to end the wonderful time we had been having, besides I wanted to see where and how such a wonderful person lived.  I was hoping to get to see the pictures from his visits with his family, meet his friends through photos of the good times they had shared.

“I’d love to come up.  Now all I have to do is park.” I said searching on the side streets for a spot.  “This is why I have the motorcycle, easy parking.  Only bad thing is when it rains, unless I run into a beautiful young woman to take me home,” his voiced I smiled as my face blushed.  I wasn’t used to being told how wonderful I looked.

Finding a spot about three blocks away, we began the short walk to his building.  We were so busy talking that we didn’t notice the sky overhead had clouded over again and were heavy with rain until it began to pour.  The first few drops weren’t bad but as the rain poured down upon us we ran for the building, splashing through the puddles already forming in the streets and low places on the sidewalks.

By the time we reached the door we were both soaked to the skins, our clothes hanging off us as if we had showered in them.  Leaving a trail of water on the floor he showed me to the stairs which lead up to the right of the main entrance.  Farther on down a narrow hallway was a bank of elevators.  “We could take those but they are always getting stuck, not that I’d mind being stuck in there with you,” he said looking down at my shirt clinging to my breasts.  His face flushed as he quickly turned his head away looking up the stairs.  “Shall we,” he stammered.  “After you,” I said barely getting it out before he said, “ladies first.”

I slowly climbed the stairs with Allen trailing behind me.  I could feel his eyes looking over every inch of my body as he watched the bottom edges of my ass cheeks swishing back and forth under my skirt.  We made our way up the barely lit stairwell to a landing, the carpeting worn from all the traffic which continues on up to the levels about it.  Hearing jingling, I stop as Allen is attempting to take his keys from within his pocket.  The wet jeans and now present hard on keep him from easily getting them free.  I step out of the way as he gets them free, finding the right key for the door.

As he opens the door and disappears into the darkness, I feel the first twinge of nerves.  The light comes on in the darkness and he is standing in the midst of a room dark as night.  Everything is black and all leather.  “Are you going to come in?  You should really get out of those clothes before you catch a cold.”  He disappears into another room as I close the door behind me.  Only moments later does he return, carrying in his hands a towel, a pair of shorts, and a white a-shirt.  “Here is some things you can change into until your clothes dry,” handing me the pile and pointing, “There’s the bathroom, second door on the right.”

I walk the narrow hall to the door and was searching for the light when my hand brushed the switch engulfing me in brightness.  His bathroom resembled his living area.  Monochromatic to a tee and very clean, as if he had come into this tiny space before me and straightened, leaving no marks that he ever uses this space.  I shut the door down but didn’t close it completely, fearing I would feel claustrophobic in this space.

I changed quickly, taking off all of my clothes, giving them a tiny ringing out in the sink and folding them neatly and placing them in a pile on the counter.  Pulling on the shorts I was glad they weren’t pants, they hung below my knees as it was.  The shirt fit like a glove, clinging to me almost as bad as my wet clothes had.  My nipples were visible through it and their erectness didn’t do anything to help conceal them.

When I emerged from the bathroom, the living area was dark again, all but the flickering candlelight to guide me to where I was going.  “I didn’t know what to do with them so I left my clothes on your sink.”  “No problem, why don’t you come over here and sit down while I take care of that,” he said as he stood up from the small sofa.  He walked past me and I realized he was wearing nothing more than a pair of pajama pants tied well below his waist. 

I sat on the sofa, feeling the cold soft leather against my skin.  In front of me on the table were two glasses and a bottle of wine, open and breathing.  Absentmindedly I began stroking the sofa, feeling the soft leather in my hand, breathing in deeply, the scent overcoming me as Allen came back in the room.  There was now music coming from somewhere down the hall that was soft and instrumental. 

“Are you trying to romance me?” I asked as he blushed, ashamed he had been caught.  He reached for the bottle and poured a little in each.  Picking them up, he swirled them and handed me one of the glasses as he sniffed the other.  I did the same and then took a small sip. 

We sat for what seemed like hours, just talking in the candlelight, as the bottle slowly drained of its contents.  “I have something to admit to you.  I have spent the better part of the day and night now trying to figure out how to kiss you.  I was afraid that you wouldn’t let me and I didn’t want to be spurned by you,” he said as he reaches out his hand to grab mine.    

I stood from my seat and walked over to him.  Leaning in I brush his chest with the backs of my fingers as I reach for his face.  Cupping his cheek I say, “Never be afraid of me,” and I boldly kisses his lips, parting only for a momentary touching of tongues.  Reaching his hands behind me, he grabs a handful of each hip and pulls me to sit on his lap, never allowing our lips to part.

Once seated straddling his lap, I can feel a hard mound of flesh in his pants where his cock should be.  Taking his hands and grabbing my hair, pulling me back out of his face, exposing my neck to his parted lips, barring his teeth he bites down.  I could feel his teeth scrape across my skin, lighting a fire in my pussy.  I wanted him, wanted to feel his cock satisfy me in ways that I could only begin to imagine.