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Home for the Night

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The DVD slid easily into the player.  Turning the T.V. on, the blue screen glowed in the dark.  Sitting down with a small bowl of popcorn and a glass of soda, I waited for the movie to begin playing.  Since no one was home, my parents were out of town and my brother was working late, I decided to wander around the house like I did at school, in my favorite tank top and underwear.  As the movie begins, I start munching on the popcorn, taking an occasional sip from my soda.

I hear a noise but disregard it until he calls out, “Anyone home?”  Before I have a chance to move, attempting to cover myself, he is standing in the room.  He is tall and slender, with spiked blonde hair, skin sun-kissed, a sign he spends a good amount of time outdoors.  I know I shouldn’t be looking at him that way but I can’t help it, my brother has hot friends.

I notice his eyes wondering across my bare legs and up to the party zone.  I spread my legs a little, allowing him to get a better look.  Watching him undress me with his eyes and fuck me turns me on a little and I close my legs drawing his attention back to what he was here for.  His mouth snapped shut as he realized I was watching him and the growing hump in his shorts.

“Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to scare you.  Where is everybody?  This is a good movie,” he says as he sits down in the chair opposite me.  He grabs a handful of popcorn and continues to watch the movie while snacking on my popcorn.  “Would you like me to make you something, popcorn perhaps?” I ask as he takes my bowl and finishes off the remaining crumbs.

“Sure, that would be great,” he says as he handed me the bowl.  Off to the kitchen I go to make another bowl of popcorn.  I can feel him watching me walk away so I give my hips a little extra shake as I leave the room.  Once in the kitchen I set to work making another bowl of popcorn in the air popper.  While the machine is warming up, I look through the freezer and find a pint of ice cream, half eaten in the last bout of stress eating.  Grabbing a spoon, I hop up on the counter and open the container, taking a bite. 

The popcorn starts popping and I take another bite of ice cream.  As the popcorn fills the bowl, I see him standing in the doorway.  “How long have you been watching me?” I ask as I take another spoonful of ice cream.  He begins crossing the floor without saying a word in response.  Now he is standing between my legs, hands on my thighs.  I set down the ice cream and unplug the popper.  He grabs my face as he presses himself to me.  I can feel his hunger growing between my thighs.  Rubbing his ever hardening cock against the thin cloth of my panties, I can feel how badly he wants me.

   I push him away before he can feel my panties moisten against the swelling of his cock.  He doesn’t take the hint and this time pushes hard at me kissing me forcefully.  The ice cream spills off the counter as I put my arms around his shoulders, wrapping my legs firmly around his waist.  He leans me back on the counter and my head hits the cabinet.  I rub my head as he apologizes.  The mood however isn’t lost. 

I pull him to me and kiss him, sliding my tongue between his parted lips.  He accepts my tongue play with a little of his own.  His cock was at full attention pushing my panties into my wet pussy, leaving a wet stain on the front of his shorts.  He took his hand down to help with the straining pain of his cock.  Pulling his rock hard cock from within his shorts, it smacked his chest as he attempted to completely free it from his shorts, pushing them down to below his balls.

He takes his hand and pushes aside my panties, exposing my dripping wet pussy.  He grabs his cock and goes to push into me when I take my hand down to my pussy, keeping him from entering.  He tries again and again he is denied by me.  He begins to stroke his cock with his hand as he watches me stick a finger in my pussy.  As I finger my clit he strokes himself even faster.  “Slow down, I don’t want you to finish before I do,” I whisper in his ear. 

I take my finger out of my pussy and hold it to his mouth.  He parts his lips, letting my finger slide between them.  He sucks my juices from my finger and I take my finger out of his mouth.  “Damn that tastes good.  I wanna eat you out,” he says as he, while still stroking himself, goes down on his knees in front of me.  He puts my feet over his shoulders, moves my panties out of the way and takes his tongue slowly up my pussy, from back to front, stopping just short of where my fingers are busy at work.  I begin to shake a little as I am overwhelmed by the gentleness of his tiny muscle.

Moving my fingers out of his way, he begins to nibble, stroke, and suck my clit with experience found only in a lover who had been doing this for years.  My hands clawed at the cabinet looking for something to grab hold of to keep me from falling from the countertop as I wiggled my pussy farther into his face.  He pushed back as his tongue worked its magic around the lips of my pussy.

After his wandering tongue make me climax spraying his face with cum, he stood, grabbing a paper towel and wiped his face.  Tossing the towel on the floor his arms wound around my waist, his hands locking together at the small of my back.  Lifting me off the counter, he propped me on top his cock and I wrapped my arms tightly around his shoulders.

He carried me into the entertainment room, his cock rubbing against my panties, making them moist from the juices flowing from my moist pussy.  He set me down gently on the sofa and ran his hands down the sides of my stomach and up under my shirt, taking it off over my head, stopping to fondle both breasts.  Running his hands back down my toned stomach grabbing hold of my panties, pulling them gently down my legs, leaving them hanging off my ankle.

I run my hands up under his shirt, feeling the cold metal in his nipples.  I was shocked but tried not to show it as I gave them a gentle little tug.  He moaned as his cock bounced to show his desire.  Continuing upward removing his shirt and throwing it to the side, he teased my nipples.  Using my toes, I removed his shorts, letting them hit the floor around his knees, my panties falling just inside them. 

He runs his hand down farther, reaching the small tuft of hair I have in the shape of a heart just above my lips.  He swirls his fingers around the outside of the heart and once he reaches the point he buries his fingers within my folds.  Moaning as his fingers set to work on my swollen clit, I reach down between my legs and find his rock hard cock and begin stroking it at the same pace he is flicking me.  A drop of precum lands on my hand as he grows ever more excited.

He moans and he works his fingers harder on my clit, occasionally running his finger down into the depths of my pussy, shoving a finger in rather hard, making me moan and scratch at the sofa with my free hand, giving his cock a hard jerk with my other. 

I can feel the excitement within me building to a climax as I begin to shove my pussy closer and closer to his cock, craving to feel him in me.  Showering his hand with my juices, I cum, shaking, moaning, and wanting his cock in me to finish me off, giving me both kinds of orgasm.    He begins to curl his toes as he too is nearing climax and just as he is about to cum, we hear a car pull into the drive.

Scared, knowing who’s car that is, he cums all over my stomach and the sofa.  We both scatter looking for our clothes, trying to dress before we are discovered.  He has almost completely dressed and I can’t find my panties as we hear the doorknob turn.  I run back to the sofa and hurriedly cover with a blanket, trying to put myself back together and we both attempt to disguise our flush faces and rapid breathing.

“Hi guys, what have you been up too?  I hope my sister entertained you while you waited for me.  I am sorry dude for being late. The boss was being an asshole…,” he said as he wandered upstairs to shower and change for whatever plans he had going on with his friend.  Leaning over the railing, he called, “I’ll be down as soon as I’m done with my shower.” 

We looked at each other and knew that if we were going to finish what we started we needed to hurry.  He flew across the room and landed at my feet, throwing the blanket aside, he took his semi-hard cock from within his shorts, slamming it into my wet pussy as fast as he could.  He pumped in and out of me not taking very long to return to his hard status and getting me excited as well.  He worked his magic as best he can, lasting until he hears the water shut off.

He knows it will only be a matter of moments before his best friend finds him fucking his sister so he slams in and out as fast as he can, bring himself to climax, spraying me with his hot cum yet again, just as the bathroom door opens.  He stands, pulling his shorts back up around his waist, shakes his spiky hair and calls out to his friend, “So where are we going tonight?” as he takes his leave, running up the stairs to my brother’s room. 

There I sit, cum all over my stomach, missing my panties, and still not finished.  I hate when guys do this to me.  Now I’m gonna have to wait until my brother and his friend leave to finish what his friend started.  I take a taste of the juices all over my belly, kind of sour, as I hear them coming back down the stairs.  I grab the blanket again and cover up, my brother not needing to see the half finished job his friend did. 

“Sis, do you smell that?” my brother asks as he comes into the room, finding me sitting on the sofa, a blanket covering my lap.  “It smells like sex in here.  Did you have over one of your men?  You better get that taken care of before mom and dad get back.  We wouldn’t want them to know that you aren’t really a virgin would we,” he said as his friend tried to cover up the fact that he was blushing.  “That’s right,” he said as a cover and the two of them left me alone, leaving for their evening out. 

With them gone, I needed to take care of this aching in my pussy.  I knew what would cure the pain so I headed upstairs to my own room.  Flinging the blanket into the washer, needing to get his cum off of it, I started washing on my way there.  Once in my room, I threw myself on the bed, naked from the waist down.  I decided I didn’t just want to be sort of naked so I took off the top and threw it into the hamper in the corner.

Reaching over into my nightstand, I pulled out my little address book.  While flipping through the pages, I picked up the phone and once the number was found, I dialed.  Placing the phone back onto it’s receiver moments later, sitting on the edge of the bed, frustration on my face.

I decided I wanted to shower, getting his scent off of me and cum off my stomach.  I stood there in the shower, water pouring down over my shoulders and between my breasts, trying to remember if I’d ever had a lover as bad as he was.  This got me to thinking about the best lover I had and I began, absent mindedly, running my hands over my body, giving my nipples a little tug, getting my juices flowing again.  I lathered up my hair and watching the foam roll down my curves. 

I don’t think I had ever been this turned on by my own body before.  I reached for the soap and lathered up my hands.  Running my sudsy hands over my hard nipples and down my stomach, reaching the tuft of hair, which earlier had stopped him from his descent, I lathered it up too, knowing he had made a mess everywhere.

The folds of my lips were still swollen keeping my clit almost hidden in them.  Washing everywhere, between every fold, I reached my clit.  Flicking my clit back and forth, I could feel myself cumming to climax again.  I knew I needed more than this but it would have to wait.  I rinsed off and shut the water off, grabbing my towel as I opened the door. 

I almost fell back into the shower as I saw the surprise waiting for me.  On the satin sheets, all muscles defined, soft skin glowing, hair done just so, was my gift for being a patient girl.  I dropped the towel, exposing my still wet skin, glistening from the droplets of water.  I ran my fingers down through my breasts, to my abdomen and on to my wet pussy.  “Do you like what you see?” I asked the figure lounging on the bed.  “I always like it when it’s wet,” they said as I walked to the edge of my bed, letting them run their fingers through my wet pussy hair.

“Get up here.  I need to get some of that,” they said as they patted the bed next to them.   I climbed up on the bed and laid back, knowing this was going to cure the itch I needed scratched.  Getting on their knees between my thighs, they went to work on my pussy, eating me like I was the best meal they had ever had.   

Reaching over into the bottom drawer of my nightstand, out comes one of my favorites, sure to do the trick.  Turning it on it vibrates as it is slammed into my pussy.  I claw and scratch at the satin sheets looking for a grip as I reach my first climax.  They know what they are doing and it shows.  While I shake gentle fingers toy with my clit, making me long for the close contact, skin to skin.  Another climax follows closely behind the first as the fingers expertly work my clit.

As the vibrator is still working on my pussy, they remove their own clothes, setting them neatly in a pile on the vanity.  I watch as I continue climaxing over and over again.  Climbing on the bed between my legs, they remove the vibrator, turning it off, setting it back in the drawer.  Sliding up between my thighs, they slide the hard cock into my pussy.  I love the feel of it, how big it is, how soft and gentle they are with it.  Thrusting, they bring me the satisfaction I was searching for in the boy lover. 

Rolling over, I ride their cock, bouncing up and down, bringing me another thrill.  As I climax, they roll me over and position me up on my knees and ride me from behind, as all great beasts do.  Biting at my shoulder, leaving marks, I can feel climax in us both.  This time there is a grand finish as we both shake and collapse into a sweating heap of flesh. 

As we lay side by side, they run their fingers through my hair, tenderly.  I run my fingers down their chest and around each hard nipple following behind it with my soft kisses.  Looking up into their eyes I say, “Thank you, sweetheart.  You were exactly what I needed,” giving their stomach a gentle scratch with the tips of my fingernails. 

“My pleasure, baby,” they say as they look into my eyes, letting me stroke the strap on once more before she takes it off.  Lying twisted in each other’s arms, we doze off in a sweet haze of lust.