Stress Relief

After a long Hard day at work all you want to do when you get home is grab a shower and relax a little before bed.  You head to your room, needing to put all your dirty clothes in the hamper.  You don’t hear me as I sneak in the front door, closing it softly behind me, locking it to keep out unwanted guests.  Following the sounds of you moving in your room, I make my way there, just as you take off your shirt.  Sneaking up behind you, I wrap my arms around your waist.  You jump, but soon settle in for a cuddle from the arms of one you know so well.

With my arms wrapped around your waist I undo your belt, you not saying a word, just letting the moment happen.  As it clears the last loop and falls to the floor my hands reach for the button, easily undoing it and moving on to the zipper, your pants falling to your ankles.  Running my hands up your back, I rub your shoulders, feeling every knot.  I pull you over to the bed, leaving your pants on the floor, forcing you to sit.  I climb behind you, rubbing at your shoulders, releasing as much tension my hands can.

Being so close I can smell your sweat and this excites me a little, I like a man who works up a sweat, even though I know you think you’re gross and need a shower, but my hands feel like heaven on your tired achy muscles.  You feel the softness of my lips as I kiss your neck, just above where I’m rubbing.  Feeling my warm breath against your skin gets you excited, and you aren’t sure how much longer you can contain your desire to take me here on your bed.  I kiss your neck again, pressing a little harder on your skin, and you can take no more. 

You stand, sending me grabbing for something to stabilize myself, as my hand catch your waistband, pulling them down, exposing your firm ass.  My other hand catches your arm as you reach around to catch me from falling, putting my face at eyelevel with your rock hard cock within the confines of your underwear. 

You help me upright, wrapping my hands around your neck, you placing your hands around my waist.  Leaning in you grab my hair, pulling it back, exposing my neck.  You kiss my neck softly, gently working your way to my ear.  Your soft lips nibble at my ear, your breath whispering across it, making me want you even more.  You take your free hand, and find the buttons on my shirt, undoing them one at a time, feeling the warm skin grow chilled as it is exposed to the air in the room.  Your hand brushed the lacy edge of my bra and your hand can’t help but feel the fabric confining your favorite part of my body.  Through my bra you can feel the nipple grow hard under the pressure of your touch.  You continue on your journey down my body, undoing the buttons as you go. 

My shirt falls open, exposing what you felt with your hands.  You kiss down my chest as your hands find their way, tickling me, to the hooks on my bra.  With one flick of your fingers you have my bra undone, as you run your hands to my stomach taking your fingers under the underwire supporting my breasts.  Your hands find a way to cup each breast in your hands, the nipples poking into your palms.  I kiss your neck while your hands message every inch under my shirt.  You run your hands up my sides and down my arms, removing my shirt and bra with one motion.  You toss them off the edge of the bed, adding to the growing pile to laundry.

I run my hands down your chest, circling your nipples once before I make my way down your stomach, reaching the waistband having difficulty containing your beast.  Hooking my fingers in the front of the waistband, I release your beast, taking it in my hand.  My hands soft on your cock, I look into your eyes as I begin to stroke you, soft at first.  You run your hands down to the zipper on the back of my skirt, unzipping it, letting it fall to my knees, exposing my pussy.  Running your hand around to my front, letting your fingers slip down into my wetness.

Your fingers slid easily over my clit, causing me to grab your cock a little tighter, yet maintaining the slow speed at which I have been stroking it.  You bury your face in my neck, taken in a deep breath, smelling the lovely floral scents wafting from my hair and skin.  You push me gently back on the bed, moving my feet from behind me to around your waist.  Hooking my toes around the waistband of your underwear, which is still at mid thigh, I pull them all the way to the floor. 

You want to take me there on the bed but you know you need a shower and feel bad that I’m even touching you.  “I’m gonna shower.  Wanna join me,” you whisper in my ear, as your cock rubs the middle of my lips, parting them slightly, moistening the full length of the underside of your cock.  You take my hand and help me off the bed, dragging me down to the bathroom. 

You start running the water and check the temperature as I stand with my arms wrapped around your waist, hugging you to me.  Once the water temperature is to where you like it, you pull me in there, the water hitting our bodies.  As the flood of water runs down over our head, across our chests, and down into the bottom of the shower you grab my hair and leaning me back, we kiss passionately, sliding your tongue between my parted lips, tongues dancing an exotic dance.

Once we come up for air, you grab the bottle of shampoo, adding a small amount to your hair.  While you’re lathering your hair, I set to work washing your body.  I lovingly scrub every inch leaving a trail of suds behind as I go.  I could feel the tension draining away at the thought of how I was making you feel.  You love my touch, perfection on your skin.

With your upper body clean I set to work cleaning your lower body.  Kneeling before you in the shower, I take your now rock hard cock in my sudsy hand.  Stroking it gently to get it clean.  You lean forward putting your hand against the wall, sending water cascading onto my head, suds running down your body and away into the drain, leaving me with a very clean cock to work with. 

Parting my lips only slightly, placing soft lips kissing the tip of your cock, causing you to shake a little and pulling back a little, a small drop of pre-cum surfaces.  Taking my tongue I lick it of before the shower can wash it down the drain.  I don’t want to waste a single drop of your juices, for tonight they are all mine.  The tip cleaned, I continue on down the shaft, my tongue ring rolling along every vein, jumping with every hill.  Your balls are my next stop on this ecstasy ride.  My lips kiss each one before my hands massages them again as I work my way back to the tip where another drop of pre-cum waits for me to taste.

Happily I gobble up not only your pre-cum but the entire shaft as well.  Your free hand is on the back of my head, holding my hair.  The water from the showerhead bounces off your chest flowing down across my face as I take you in and out of my wanting hole.  Running my hands up your legs, I reach around, grabbing a hold of your ass, using it as a means to force you close to me.

You reach for my hands, taking them in yours and helping me stand.  The water hits my back.  You turn me around and added shampoo to my hair lathering its long tress full of bubbles.  Then you wash my body, loving every curve of my body with your fingers and mouth in all ways possible.

After kissing down my chest, you kiss each of my breasts over and over again until you reach my nipples.  You tease it to life with your tongue, flicking it like you do other sensitive parts of my body.  The feeling from my nipple makes me yearn to have you eating my pussy, licking your tongue roughly across my clit.  You gather both breasts in your hands and bring them together you suck both nipples at the same time.  I wrap my hand around the back of your head, attempting to maintain balance.

You release my breasts and continue on your journey to my edible lips.  On your knees, you kiss my stomach on the trail down to my pussy, washing and rinsing ahead of your kisses.  Taking my leg, propping it on your shoulder, gives free access to my inner pussy.  You can see my clit, wanting to feel your rough tongue lashing at it so you shove your head between my parted thighs.

Almost instantly, the pressure from your tongue makes me explode all down your face.  You lap at my juices and then clean me up again.  You stand up as I rinse my hair, soap suds running down my back.  Taking my chin in your hand you gaze into my eyes.  You have never wanted it more than you do right now.

With reckless abandon, you attack me, an animal released from its prison.  We hit the wall as you pull my leg up atop your bended knee, sliding your cock deep within me.  Resting your foot on a low ledge, you bring me in close to you as you pump your cock in my pussy.  Burying your face in my shoulder you take a free hand and fondle me.  

Within moments we reach our peaks and allow it to flow back again only to bring it in again like a tidal wave.  As our passions fall, we clean up again, now with water as cold as ice.  You turn the water off and leave out wet love nest for drier land.

You hand me a towel and I dry off, you helping make sure the most important parts are dry.  Wrapping up in the towels we head back to the bedroom, you holding my hand dragging me down the hall.  Once in the bedroom you pulled me to you, casting my towel aside.  Holding me tight, you back me into the bed, causing me to lose my balance and fall, you on top of me.  We kissed again as we worked our way onto the bed. 

You rolled onto your side of the bed, towel still wrapped around your waist.  I roll over to cuddle with you, lying my head on your chest, listening to your heart beat as I swirl my fingers around on your chest.  You wrap your arm around me, running your fingers through my hair.  Leaning down, you kiss the top of my head.  “You know what I missed.  No bouncing boobs.”  Looking into your eyes with an evil grin, I make my move.  With one swift move, I straddle your limp cock under your towel. 

Gently bouncing over your cock, you give me a surprise look.  My boobs gently bouncing bring your cock back to life.  I run my fingers down your chest, coming to rest on your stomach, giving a little extra bounce for your pleasure.  After a few moments, you grin at me and throw me to the side, tickling me. 

The moment had passed as we lay cuddled again in one another’s arms, the shine of the full moon making a glow in the room.  Two bodies, intertwined in the heat of the days passion, waiting on baited breath for a moment, knowing there may never be another moment like this.  Falling asleep in each other’s arms, for all appearance of love yet lacking the boundaries which confine it.  No real commitment and the softness of skin keep these lovers as is, trapped as a photo in a frame.


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