Love in the Afternoon

The day was almost over as he pulled into the driveway.  Just wanting to get in the front door and into the arms of his one true love, he hurriedly put the car in park, threw open the door and as the heat of the late summer day flooded the car, he climbed out of his little sports car.

Standing outside of the car he stretched, his height increasing as he did.  He was very tall, standing well over six feet and he was ripped, muscles bulging under his tight dress shirt.  His pale skin showed the lack of any outdoor fun in his overworked life.  He bent down and grabbed his briefcase from the passenger seat, hitting his head as he righted himself.

Cursing under his breath, he slammed the car door shut.  He rubbed his head as he wandered to the white door leading into air conditioned comfort.  Giving a quick jerk on the door, he felt a blast of icy cold air coming from within.  “Honey, I’m home,” he called, hoping his lover would be there waiting to get him some ice for his ever growing lump.  There was no response back.  He didn’t worry, she must be out finishing up some errands, he thought to himself.

He set his briefcase down beside the end table next to his chair in the living room.  He couldn’t wait to get comfortable in the soft leather chair, the one his lover had purchased for him only a few months ago.  He took the keys out of his pants pocket and set them in the tray on the end table followed closely by his cell phone, some spare change from his lunch date, and a small pocket knife he used just in case, because you should always be prepared, a left over boy scout motto he never quite left behind as he entered adulthood.

Walking down the hall to their shared bedroom, he took off his tie and shirt as he went.  Once there, he undid his belt and unbuttoned his trousers, letting them fall to the floor in a heap around his ankles.  He took his foot in one side of it and flipped them into his hands, knowing if he didn’t she would yell at him for leaving a mess in the bedroom.  Taking the belt from within its confines, he hung it in the closet on the special little device his lover had for just such things.  His tie soon followed and then the shirt and pants went into the hamper.

Wandering back through the house in nothing but a pair of boxer briefs and black socks made just to wear with his dress shoes, which he had kicked off just inside the front door.  He grabbed the shoes and threw them in the closet, all to avoid a fight, and headed into the kitchen for a beer.  He opened the fridge door and on the top shelf, as if calling to him, were a half eaten pizza and a beer. 

Taking both with him he meandered back into the living room to watch some T.V.  He had heard from some guys at work that there was going to be a good ball game on so he began his search through all the sports channels to find it.  Once he did he set the remote down and grab the beer bottle and twisted it open, tossing the cap on the end table, making a tinkling noise as it hit the keys. 

With his free hand he grabbed the first piece of pizza devouring it in just a few bites.  The next slice was gone in the same manner.  As he grabbed the third slice, he heard a noise coming from the driveway.  Oh no she was home and he knew if she caught him eating before dinner again he would be in trouble.  Setting down the beer, he hopped out of the chair and ran, pizza box in hand, to the kitchen, throwing what was left of the pizza back on the top shelf of the fridge. 

Skidding across the living room floor in his socks, he made it to his chair just in time.  She opened the door and there he was sipping on his beer, but she was too stressed from the day to even notice the small dribble of pizza sauce on his chin.  She threw her keys on the table and slammed down her purse.  She said nothing as she went down the hall kicking her heels off as she went.

When she emerged from the bedroom she had changed from her business suit into one of his favorite tank tops and boy shorts.  Her hair had gone from an up-do of some sort to a pony tail, her blonde hair curling from the constant position it held all day at work.  Seeing her like this made him excited. 

She looked like she could use a beer and since he needed a fresh one he went back out to the kitchen and retrieved two beers from the fridge.  He twisted the caps off in the kitchen, throwing them in the trash, and walked up to her in on the couch and held out a beer.  She grabbed it from him and swallowed half the bottle before he could sit down next to her on the couch. 

Once he sat down she flung her legs up in his lap.  Out of habit, he set his beer down and began rubbing her feet.  This always turned him on, the feeling of her feet in his hands, the heels digging into his cock, stroking it deep and hard.  He could feel his manhood growing below her feet in his lap as he worked from her feet up her legs.  Looking into her eyes he knew she could feel his cock throbbing below her feet and this made her smile. 

He held her legs as he slid under them, down to the floor on his knees in front of her.  He continued rubbing up her legs, one at a time, rubbing all the way up under her boy shorts, teasing the bare pussy lips with his fingertips.  He would then start at the knee of the other leg and do the same all over again, teasing at the bare pussy.

She sat up and grabbed his head, kissing him so hard his lips hurt under her pressure.  He didn’t waste this chance and slid his fingers deep into her pussy lips, feeling her dripping wet cunt and rock hard clit.  She released her grip on his lips and let out a loud moan as she let her head fall back. 

He pulled his fingers out of her pussy, and ran them up her sides, taking her tank top off in one easy maneuver.  Pulling her to him, he nibbled at her neck, kissing down her front, letting her fall back as he used his tongue to excite her soft nipple.  Sucking it into his mouth, she began to breathe heavier, grabbing his hair.  With his free hand he teased the other nipple until it also was hard, standing out like a piece of candy waiting to be gobbled up.

With both her nipples hard, he kissed down her stomach, stopping right above the panty line.  She lifted her hips off the couch as he took his hands to the panties and pulled them towards himself, watching as the soft skin of her bare glistening snatch exposed itself to him.  He could smell her and he wanted to dive in but instead he waited, he wanted to make sure she was fully satisfied. 

He gently took his fingers up her legs again, stopping to admire how soft and smooth her legs were under the heat of his touch.  The stop was only momentary as he continued on, each of his hands going to work on her pussy.  One hand was busy, fingers working her clit, soft and slow, making her wiggle and moan.  The other hand with fingers ready at a moment’s notice to push into her pussy, bringing her to an even better climax than one hand alone, something he had learned she loved and made his end of the deal even better. 

She gripped the cloth of the couch as he pressed her clit hard while rubbing it, then giving it a little flick, she moaned, shoving her hips towards his hands, wanting more than fingers in her pussy.  He knew what she wanted and was going to make her wait for it.  He continued flicking and rubbing her until she began to shake.  Once he felt her shake he knew it was time.  He shoved his fingers deep inside of her, feeling her pussy tighten around them covering them with the juices he so longed to taste.

He slowly worked his fingers in and out of her pussy, juices flowing down out of her and onto the couch, just below her bare ass, leaving a shine on the leather he had never seen before.  His arm was becoming increasingly wet, her fluids beginning to run down his arm.  She was moaning and clawing at the couch as he pushed his fingers farther in and at a faster pace. 

Just as he was beginning to shake, he pushed his face down into her pussy, using his hands to hold her lips open so he could get a clear shot at her clit.  He took her into his mouth, nibbling and biting, giving an occasional flick with his tongue as she coated his face with her cum.  She grabbed his hair, tugging it with all her excitement, ripping a few from his head, but he ignored the pain, he was in heaven.

He loved the way she tasted and knew this was a treat.  Usually when he went down on her she shooed him away, telling him it was gross.  He knew he was in luck, she wanted him to lap up every ounce of her juices.

She gave a violent shake as she reached yet another climax, filling his nose and mouth with her cum.  Yet she still wanted more.  When he returned to kneeling to grab a facial tissue, she shoved her hips towards him and found the tip of his cock, ready and waiting for her cunt.  She pushed harder against the couch and this time her pussy was filled with his rock hard manhood. 

She grabbed at his shoulders as she sat up, knocking him backwards, lying him flat on his back, her still firmly mounting his rock hard manhood.  The hand with the tissue hit the table, leaving a cum mark where the tissue grazed the table on his way to the floor.  He didn’t even notice his hand was hurt, he was in the moment.  She sat on his cock, not moving a muscle, not even the ones inside her.  She looked him deep in the eyes, biting her lip and scratching her nails down his chest. 

She began to quiver her pussy muscles around his cock, giving it a stroking from within her.  She could feel his excitement growing as he swirled his cock inside her.  She let out a little moan, digging her nails in a little deeper, drawing blood.  She began to twirl her hips as she sat with him buried inside her.  He wanted her to ride him so hard and fast, wanting to cum deep within her.

He raised his hands, touching her nipples, giving them a little tug, hoping to get her to ride him.  She leaned back on him, grabbing his thighs with her hands as he began bouncing her on him.  She leaned forward and began to ride him harder, she loved feeling him inside of her.  He took her breasts in his hands, feeling her warm flesh overflowing his large spanse.  He loved how she felt, soft and smooth against his roughness.

He tried to sit up, bringing their bodies closer together, but she shoved him back down, showing him who was in control.  He tried again and this time she held his hands to the floor, looking deep in his eyes, telling him without saying a word to leave them there.  He watched her, breasts bouncing with each thrust down on his manhood. 

He enjoyed watching her, enjoyed feeling her around him, enjoyed making love in the afternoon.  The setting sunlight shone through the windows, illuminating her face, the tiny beads of sweat covering her body.  This accentuated her every curve, highlighting her tiny frame and lushish breasts.  He couldn’t help but run his hands along her sides, feeling her muscles tighten as she grew closer to climax.

This time she let him bring his body closer to her as she wanted to feel him, digging her nails in his back as she reached her peak.  She slowed her pace as he held her tight.  He wasn’t through yet, he could go all night.  He let her have a few moments, then he lifted her off his still rock hard cock, setting her back on her knees. 

She leaned over the seat of the couch, attempting to stand, as he came from behind her, thrusting deep within her.  She pressed back against him as he grabbed her hair with one hand and her hip with the other.  He pulled her to him swirling his cock deeply inside her.  She moaned loudly, as he slowly pulled his cock almost all the way out.  He wanted to toy with her a little.  He swirled again, tickling the edge of her pussy with his dick. 

He gave a short thrust forward before pulling back, making her think he was going deep within her.  She tried to force him into her, shoving herself backwards towards his waiting cock.  He pushed her forward, keeping just the tip of his manhood in her pussy.  She wanted him, “Give it to me, baby.”  He slowly rubbed both of her ass cheeks, loving the feel of her smooth flesh.  He then smacked her ass before he slammed his cock inside of her. 

She moaned, as he pumped her pussy, watching his cock going in and out of her tight twat.  He loved how tight she was, almost strangling his dick when she tightened around him as she was now, nearing climax again.  She muffled her screams in a pillow on the couch.  He gave her a gentle little smack on the ass.  He knew she couldn’t handle much more of him, she never could completely satisfy his, until today.

He pulled out of her and she sat on the couch, and as she leaned back, she grabbed him around the shoulders and pulled him to her, his hard cock sliding up and tickling her clit.  He liked feeling her bare pussy against his cock, fucking her from the outside.  This excited him even more, knowing that she was still wanting more, knowing that she had never lasted this long with him.  He usually needed to finish on his own well after she had fallen asleep.

She let him free enough to slip the tip of his cock in her and she pulled him back to her.  He grabbed her hips, riding her as hard and fast as he could.  Damn he was turned on by her, her wanting him more, her demanding nature, she wasn’t usually like this.  He could feel his climax cumming on and so could she.  She stroked his cock from the inside as he pumped her harder. 

All of this was almost too much as he curled his toes, stifling a moan by biting his lip.  She screamed for the last time, grabbing him and bringing him close to her.  She wanted to feel his heart race as he came, knowing she was the reason it was this way.  He loved feeling her sweating, cool skin against his, her breasts rubbing against him, as their mixed juices flowed down coating his balls in a love cocktail. 

With himself still inside her, he picked her up off the couch and laid her on the soft carpet.  He laid next to her, his dwindling manhood still in her.  His spent cock fell out of her and she rolled over, putting her back to him, cuddling with him, the scent of her sweat heavy in her hair as she nuzzled her head against his chin.  He laid an arm around her waist feeling the tightness of her stomach. 

He reached his arm up to grab his beer from the table, taking the bottle to his lips, drinking the now warm flavors.  She reached back, taking the bottle from him, taking a drink then setting it on the table.  “I really need to get this mess cleaned up and make us something to eat.  I thought we could just finish off the pizza in the fridge,” she says as she rolls back over to face him.  “About that, I kinda had some when I came home.  How about this, I will cook you dinner.  You go and shower and when you get done I will have dinner ready.”  She looked at him stunned.  He never offered to make dinner and she was a little scared.

She hopped up from the floor and made her way down the hall.  He went to work in the kitchen.  She saw the messes and came back after he was in the kitchen to begin tidying up.  She grabbed a towel and the cleaner and set to work cleaning the mess she had made on the couch and the table getting rid of all the evidence of their afternoon romp. 

He heard her and peered his head around the corner.  He saw her tidying in her OCD fashion and decided to take action.  He took her towel out of her hand and she set the cleaner down on the table.  “Get in the shower,” he ordered her.  She went back down the hall and hopped in the shower.  He grabbed the phone and placed the order for Chinese at her favorite place. 

Realizing how much free time he was going to have, he went down the hall.  He opened the door to the bathroom quietly, hoping she wouldn’t hear him.  She watched her for a moment, the water running down her body, following her curves.  He could feel himself growing hard again.  He had time before the food would be there so he decided to make his move.

Slowly moving the shower door, he stepped into the shower with her, his cock now almost fully erect.  He poked her with his manhood to get her attention, and she turned to see him, now fully erect, standing in the shower with her.   “Do you need any help?” he asked her as she reached out and began stroking his dick.  “I could always use someone to wash me,” she said as he pulled her to him. 

The doorbell rings and he says, “Dinner’s here.  This will have to wait until later.  Now get out of the shower,” as he grabs a towel, drying himself quickly, running to the bedroom to get a pair of shorts, all the while attempting to stifle the rock hard cock so he could answer the door. 

She was frustrated.  She wanted him again but knew that right now it wasn’t going to happen.  She took the shower head into her hand, changing the setting to one more favorable for the actions she was about to do.  She loved her shower head, it always knew how to treat her, as she shook through her orgasm.  She loves this shower head.    

This story is dedicated to Miss G and Mr. H.  May you both find a lot of yourselves in this story and use it to pleasure each other again and again.


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  1. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

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