Ride Me

“Nice bike!  Love the color and the lines are so sleek,” I say as I stroke the soft leather seat.  “Get on,” you fume as you straddle the bike.  Hiking up my skirt a little baring the soft edge of my ass, I easily mount the bike, pressing my bare warm pussy to the cold soft leather.  I gasp in shock at the sudden change in comfort. 

“Bet you wish you were wearing something under that skirt now,” you say past your evil grin.  “I thought you liked that I wasn’t wearing anything under my skirt,” I say while biting my lip.  You start the bike, sending vibrations right to my clit.  The seat starts to moisten from my excited pussy. 

“Guess I’ll give you the same treatment you gave me.  Whatever you do, don’t make a mess or I’ll beat your ass,” you grin at me with that evil smile as you rev the engine, watching me try to contain my ever growing need for your rock hard cock in my tight, dripping wet pussy. 

We take off out of the garage and head for the quickest way you know to get out of town.  The vibrations bring me to climax and I bury my nail into your stomach.  “Don’t you make a mess or I’ll beat your ass.  I wasn’t kidding.”

We’d been riding for a while; my skirt inching up so now you could see the small tuft of hair you admired earlier.  You turn off the main road onto a narrow one lane road.  The sign said it was a dead end and it appeared as though it had been a long time since anyone had been this way. 

The shoulders of the road look unkempt as we rode a few more minutes down this path.   Before the road ends we take another turn, this one into a cemetery.  The headstones are older, not marble but limestone, most of the dates are from the 1800’s.  The greenery is slightly overgrown but it does make for a nice seclusion from the roadway.  

Across from the entrance, you notice a car you recognize.  You say nothing to me, but look to see if she is watching.  There she sits on the hood of her car watching our every move.  “This will be exciting.  I love it when she watches me fuck them here,” you think to yourself as you reposition yourself on the bike so you are facing me. 

“Enjoy your ride,” you ask as you take your fingers and manhandle my clit.  Removing them, you take a sniff and lick them clean.  “I thought I told you not to make a mess.  Now I’m gonna have to spank your ass.  Get off my bike!”  I slide off the soaking wet seat and stand next to it, blushing.

“Bend over the seat where you rode,” you order as you come around to the other side to stand behind me.  I bend over the seat, my shirt now wet with cum.  You grab me by the back of my head and yank me back up.  Grabbing my shirt and tearing it open you send buttons scattering into the grass.  You maul the collar off my shoulders and take a bite into my shoulder, my shirt falling to the ground between our feet. 

While still hanging on with your teeth you undo my bra, slipping it off my shoulders and adding it to the ever growing pile of clothes.  Next my skirt, one quick tug and it is on the ground around my ankles.  Pushing me forward, you force me to step out of the skirt and lean against the back of your bike. 

You pull me back up against you by my hair and then wrap your long arms around me, and tug on my nipple rings.  “You like that don’t you.  You like pleasurable pain.  I love to create such pain.  I have a treat planned for you.”  My pussy is now so excited the juices from it are running down my thigh, moistening the lace edges of my stockings. 

You glance across the lane at her and see that she is turned on by this display of your domination.  She sits with her shirt undone, breasts exposed, skirt hoisted up to around her waist.  You can see the glistening from her pussy juices on the hood of the car.  This makes your dick rock hard. 

You force me to lie down on a bench which faces her.  You lift the seat of your bike to reveal a secret compartment filled with every sex toy ever conceived.  You pull out hand cuffs and ankle cuffs and set to work tying me down to the bench.  You bind my hands first and I let you.  As you are binding my ankles you run your hands over my legs sending a small shiver up my spine.  With both hands and feet bound you look through your bag of tricks for the next thing you think I might enjoy.              

You giggle as you grab something pink for out of the secret compartment.  Turning around you show your evil grin as you sit down on the bench next to me.  “Since you enjoyed the ride I thought I would continue it with this,” you say as you show me what little trick you have for me next.

I barely have a chance to look at it when you begin rubbing it against my clit.  The vibrations from it send me quickly to climax as you give my clit a good once over.

While my eyes are rolled back in my head from the pleasure you are giving me, you glance across the way and she has taken her own pink vibrator out and is teasing her clit with it exactly like you are doing to me.  You decide to adapt her speed and slowly move the vibrator down through the folds and slide it into my swollen pussy, exactly as she has done herself.  You watch her face as she pleasures herself, cum drizzling down the black hood of her Cadillac CTS.     

Turning your attention to me once more, you decide that I have had enough pleasure from this tiny vibrator and go once again to the bike’s secret compartment, this time returning empty handed.

You look down on my swollen, dripping wet pussy and the puddle it made on the bench and decide you want a taste.  Onto your knees you go one hand on each of my knees.  I tense up trying to close them to keep you from going any further but with the way you have me tied I am helpless to prevent your advancements.  You bite down my left inner thigh nibbling hard enough to leave red marks where your teeth had been. 

Once you are at my pussy, you take a deep breath in.  “I wonder if this tastes as good as it smells,” you say as you take your tongue and run it the entire length of my pussy from back to front, tickling my engorged clit a little once you’ve reached it.

“Not as bad as I thought,” you joke as you take my clit between your teeth, biting it in the same fashion as you did my thigh.  “Ouch, that hurts, stop it!!!” I yell.  “Shut up bitch before I put you in your place,” you yell back with your hand raised as if you were going to strike me.  I do as I’m told as you now bite my pussy lips, drawing blood.

“Mmmmm, my favorite flavor.” You lash as you suck on my pussy lip, draining it of as much red wine as you can.  I arch my back and attempt to close me legs as again I climax.  “Like that don’t you.“ You reach into your pants pocket and retrieve an item that I hadn’t seen you put there before.  Maneuvering your hands I feel a sharp pain in my pussy.  I can see a silver clip on my swollen clit.  “You like that clip don’t you,” you say as you flick it back and forth.  “Yes I do,” I say as you grab hold of it and give it a rough tug sending my head back as I scream out in delight.

While you tug harder on the clip you bury your fingers in me, I moan, beginning to move my hips in a fucking motion, hoping for more.  You reach as far in me as you can, find my spot and continue to tease it, enjoying the torture this pleasure is giving me.  “I wonder if she can handle as much as my girl can,” you think to yourself as you add another finger and shove even farther in.

You look up to see if she is enjoying the show only to find that she has left.  She isn’t even going to see the best part.  Your anger with her you turn toward me.  You yank the clip so hard that it comes off in your hand.  You undo the hand and ankle cuffs with a frustrated tug.  You grab me by my hair and pull me up by it.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you,” I beg but it is too late.

You throw me against a headstone, shoving my head down, bending me over it.  You take your hand and smack my ass very hard, leaving a red print of it on my cheek.  I scream out in joy, I love having my ass beat.  You continue to strike me with increasing force until the pleasure becomes pain for me and I yell out for you to stop.

I can hear the tinkling of your belt as you undo it from around your waist, the sound of the leather clearing the loops unbearable in my ears.  You take the belt and double it over making a nice whip which you take across my ass.  I let out a little scream of joy and this only makes you more excited. 

While you whip the belt across my ass you undo your pants, releasing your cock from its confines.  You throw the belt to the ground at my feet and take my hips in your hands, burying your nails into my flesh. 

You see my pussy dripping wet with cum, cum which you have worked so hard for.  “I love how much pain you can take before you cry,” you whisper in my ear and you take your hard dick and shove it into my tight pussy, burying it in as far as it will go.  I moan and tighten my pussy around it, making waves with it, exciting you even more.

You begin to pump me with strength that I can barely handle.  After only a few strokes of your cock in my pussy I cum, scratching at the headstone and shaking hard.  You don’t let this stop you though.  You continue pumping your cock into me at a faster pace than before and when you feel me tighten around your dick again you slow to almost a stop.  You don’t want me to come just yet so you wait until I loosen up my pussy muscles from their death grip on your cock.

Leaning over me, you wrap your arm around me and using your fingers, massage my clit, feeling its hardness and pulsing between your fingers.  You bite my back with full force, slamming your cock as hard as you can into my pussy.  This sends shockwaves up my spine and sends me to climax, screaming the whole way. 

You release your grip from my back, leaving a bloody ring where your teeth had been.  Whispering in my ear you say,” You are not allowed to cum until I tell you or you will pay a very painful price.”  I agree to this as you ride me harder from behind, pumping as fast as you can.  Twisting your hands in my hair, you pull me toward you using my hair like the handlebars on your motorcycle.  I take my hands and gently tug my nipples, sending myself almost over the climactic edge this time.  “Don’t you dare cum or you will pay the price.”  “Please let me cum,” I beg but you refuse me. 

You decide you want to see my face as I cum so you grab me up from the bent position.  Turning me around you grab my ass hard, slapping each ass cheek almost as hard as you had when you were beating my ass.  You lift me by my ass and set me on the headstone.  You grab me around the neck, applying a slight pressure, while you shove your rock hard, dripping wet cock back into my tight pussy. 

Pushing me back slightly, allowing for easy viewing of the fuck you are giving me, I quickly cum to climax again from the reduced blood flow to my brain.  Again I beg to cum and this time you agree as I shower your cock with more of my wetness.  My eyes roll back in my head, and I scream as best I can through the choking.  This makes you so hard that you almost cum inside me, staving off the climax by mere moments.  This pleasurable pain can’t end so soon.

While you’re still buried inside me, using one hand tugging a nipple ring and the other rubbing my clit with all the roughness your supple fingers can muster, you feel me climax again, feeling yourself throb through it all.  I grab hold of you, wrapping my legs around your waist and arms around your neck.  Getting leverage, I pull myself up on you until I am sitting on your cock.  You grab my ass and carry me to the seat of your motorcycle letting me bounce up and down on your cock at the tempo which I desire.  I bury my face in your neck and give it a gentle bite but change my mind quickly before you hurt me for leaving a mark. 

You lean me over the seat of the motorcycle, only my back touching the seat.  You take over the pace and continue riding me, allowing me to climax one last time. 

You pull out of me and grabbing my hair, force me off the seat of your motorcycle.  On my knees is the position you force me into, pushing me by my hair.  Using my hair you force my mouth open and I gobble up your cock, still dripping wet with my cum. 

Taking a hold of the hair on both sides of my head, you control the depth and speed at which I suck my juices from your dick.  You begin to tense and I can feel the power of what is to cum as you shower the back of my throat with your hot juices.  You shove your dick in as far as you can again, shooting the next shot of hot cum down the back of my throat as well.

You release my hair and I continue to suck your cock, draining it of all its juices.  The last shot of cum doesn’t go to the back of my throat, instead it is shot into my mouth.  I slowly, deeply suck all the juices from your dick.  Once you have begun to soften I release your dick from my mouth, holding it in my hand.  I gently kiss the tip of it and swish your last juices around my mouth, swallowing it like I was sampling a fine wine.

You stand there and let me gently kiss the length of your quickly limping cock, stroking my hair as I tenderly kiss your shaft from tip to balls and back again.  I cup your fully drained balls in my hand and give them a soft squeeze and a gentle kiss.  You feel the urge swelling in you so you must take action before this fuck gets out of hand.

Shoving me away you say,” Now get dressed, I’m late.” I hurry into my clothes, almost putting my shirt on backwards.  You smirk as you do up your pants at this sight of a young girl dressing in front of you.  You start your motorcycle before I’m even fully dressed and shout over the motor, “Get on!” 

Even though my shirt isn’t fully buttoned I straddle the back of the motorcycle.  You drive off in a huff, saying something to me which I fail to hear over the revving of the engine.  You tear out of the cemetery, back on the road less traveled, where we are going unknown to me.

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