Working Hard???

“I’m outta here!” you say to yourself as you rip the tie from around your neck.  As you undo the first button on your starch white long sleeve dress shirt you take the bag you keep in your office just for a day like to today and slam it down on your desk.  You’ve had enough of people pushing you around for one day, and outside your motorcycle sits waiting for you to take it for a long ride.


You finish unbuttoning your shirt and, leaving it hanging off your shoulders, you begin to undo your black trousers when you notice a shadow at your office door.  “Everyone else had left hours ago, who could it be?” you think to yourself as you go to investigate, your pants hanging undone from your waist, the band of your boxers just barely noticeable. 


You stick your head out the door of your office and look around.  Seeing no one you call out, “Who’s there?”  There is no answer so you think to yourself, “maybe I was seeing things.”  You go back to changing your clothes, leaving your office door open. 


First you remove your shirt exposing the tight muscles of your back.  You roll your neck, feeling the tension as you hear a noise.  You turn around to see me standing in the doorway to your office.  I’m the new girl who you’ve been eyeing from afar all week.  Today you noticed how short my skirt was and wondered if I was wearing thigh highs or not.  You thought you could see the lace once when I bent over but you weren’t sure.  Then you took wagers with the guys about whether I was wearing a thong or nothing at all underneath the cute little black skirt with the slit up the back. 


Here I stand in your office door, my shirt undone only enough to tease you with the view of my voluptuous breasts as they overflow my black lace bra.  You notice that I have on a choker, something you had never seen in an office setting before and now you wonder if I put that on just for you. 


“I hope you don’t mind but I could help but watch,” I say as you turn around somewhat embarrassed to be caught by a co-worker in such a predicament.  I walk into the office and come up behind you, taking my finger and tracing down your back.  You shudder but I continue on.  My fingers flow smoothly over the flesh of your sides as I wrap my arms around your waist and take my fingers and gently rake the nails across your stomach.  If you had kept your composure before, you couldn’t do it any longer.  You turn around to face me.


“On your knees,” you order me.  I comply with your demands but on my way down I remove your pants and boxers.  There you stand, firm naked butt against the edge of your desk, your cock hard pointing at my face.  I look up into your eyes and without you saying a word I know what you demand from me.


I take your cock in my hand and begin stroking it, gently at first just wanting to tease you a bit before I complete my assigned task.  Placing your rock hard cock against my soft lips, you let out a little gasp.  This scares you a little, what if someone else sees what you’re doing…who cares, this is every man’s dream.


I lick the tip with my tongue as you thrust your hips forward.  Not wanting to ruin a good time, I pull back at your advances.  I go back to work, stroking your cock while using my tongue to moisten it, licking first around the tip, down the full length, and back to the tip.  You thrust forward again and this time I take advantage of the opportunity.  I take you deep into my mouth, and you feel the softness of my lips, roughness of my tongue, and something you weren’t expecting. 


You moan loudly as the vibration shakes you to your very core.  You grab the back of my head and force me to take more of you in my mouth as you ride the waves from the vibrating tongue ring.  I pull back a little as I begin to stroke part of your cock with my hand, occasionally fondling your balls.  The tongue ring has you about to climax so I take your cock out of my mouth, getting you to back down, keeping you from cumming this early in our adventure. 


I continue to stroke you slowly as I look up into your eyes.  You have your head back, clearly enjoying the pleasure I’m bringing you.  I don’t want this to end too soon so I refuse to pick up the pace.  When I feel your heart has slowed down a little I take you fully into my mouth again and this brings you back to full attention as you grab hold of my hair again, this time not letting go. 


You control the pace as I bob up and down on your cock.  Sometimes slow and then suddenly fast.  I can only imagine what it must feel like to have this rock hard cock slamming into my pussy.  I ready myself for the explosion which is about to happen when we hear someone clearing their throat.


“Putting in overtime I see,” says the woman standing in the doorway.  We come to a screeching halt, your cock still firmly deep in my mouth.  She is impeccably dressed, wearing a designer named business dress suit all in black.  I recognize her from the picture of her hanging on the wall.  She is the Vice President in charge of Marketing.  Her skirt is short but not quite as short as mine.  Her blouse is only undone to the first button.  Her long blonde hair is tied back in a twist up fashion.


“No we are doing this on our own time, now get out!!!” you scream at her.  She doesn’t leave; instead she walks into the room, the sounds of her stilettos clicking angrily across the floor.  “Honey you’re doing him all wrong,” she says as she clears your desk with one sweep of her arms.  She takes you by your shoulders and leans you back over the desk.  She clearly wants you to lie upon it so you do as she demands. 


While you make your way onto the desk, she removes her jacket, tossing it into the soft leather chair, now against the wall.  Your attention turns to her as she orders me to close the door to the office.  I do as she says hoping to get into her good graces, and keep this job.


“Undo your shirt and lift your skirt up to your waist,” she says as she removes all her clothes but her black stockings, lace garter and shoes.  There she stands, her large breast perfectly rounded, tiny pink nipples hard.  Her legs are long and lean, every muscle defined.  She takes good care of herself.  Her pussy is bare, her lips soft and already moist from the action she saw earlier.


She climbs on top of you, straddling your rock hard dick.  Her pussy is tight as you slide into her.  She moans loudly as she begins riding you.  “Get over here,” she demands between moans, pointing at the floor beside your head.  I do as she says, standing next to your head.  She reaches out and grips my breast through its lacy confines.  “Remove them for me.”  I do as she says, taking each of my breasts, one at a time, out of the bra.  They are as you had imagined them.  The nipples are fuller than hers and you notice the tiny rings I have in each.  “Damn, she’s pierced everywhere,” you think to yourself as you turn back to her, riding your cock a little faster and deeper than before. 


She grabs one of the rings and gives a little tug.  I groan from the pain that is my pleasure.  She takes her hand and fondles each of my breasts.  Without warning, she grabs your face and forces you to look at me.  “You want her don’t you?  Want to taste her?  Feel her, caress her every inch.” “Yes!!!” you reply. 


“Straddle his face and let him eat you out.”  I was surprised but did as she said.  Your tongue rubbed my clit and I moaned loudly.  I almost reached climax from that one motion but you continued on.  She takes her hand and begins to massage my clit while you work on the rest of me.  I cum to climax over and over again, the stimulation being too much for me to handle.  You slurp it all up, enjoying every ounce of my cum.  She licks her fingers as she continues to ride you.  She moans loudly as she begins to tense up, ready to climax.  She lets out a scream as she cums.  You are not ready to climax just yet.


She gets down off of the desk and orders me to as well.  “Get up!” she yells at you.  She climbs upon the desk, lies back and says, “Bitch, eat me out.”  I happily oblige.  I start by gently licking and nibbling down her inner tight.  I reach her pussy, dripping wet from all the excitement and bury my face in her soft folds.  I feel her clit harden again, so I suck on it giving an occasional nibble.  “Fuck her!!!” she demands of you and you waste no time.  Burying your cock deep inside me, you thrust as hard as you can.  A stifled moan escapes me.  She is on the verge of climax again as she demands you not to cum until you are told. 


She cums again and I lick up every drop of her bounty, cleaning her completely.  She shoves me out of her pussy and gets off the desk.  You are still riding me hard.  She gets on her knees and begins licking where my pussy and your cock meet.  This sends us over the edge.  I cum, covering her face with milky goodness.  You beg her to cum and she tells you no.  I climax again in a matter of seconds but she continues licking us both. 


You can’t hold it any longer.  You beg her again and this time she says you can cum.  You give me one last really hard thrust and pull out, showering my ass with your cum.  She waits on her knees and you take your next shot of cum and spray her face with it.  She cleans her face and then gives your dick a little sucking as she cleans every ounce of our fucking off of it.      


“Get dressed and take her home,” she tells you as she redresses herself, looking as if she hasn’t done anything.  “Fuck you, I’ll do what I want with her!!!” you tell her.  “See you at home, dear,” she says as opens the door.  “I hope this was a valuable training session.” she says to me as she closes the door.


You are nearly dressed in your biker gear when she closes the door.  I’m still covered with your cum bent over the desk.  You grab your handkerchief and wipe the cum from my ass.  I redress myself as you take a seat in the soft leather executive chair and watch.  You like to watch me move, slow and sensuous.  You give your head a little shake as you bring yourself back to the present. 


“Ready?,” you say as you open the door.  “Yup, let’s go.”  I say as you shut the door behind me.  “Have you ever ridden on a Harley?,” you ask as the elevator doors open up.  “I haven’t ridden a motorcycle since I was a kid and I’ve never ridden a Harley.”  “Well today is your lucky day,” you say with a mischievous grin as the doors go shut.


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